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Harikrishna Laser Technology incorporated in the year 1991 with the name of Harikirshna Laser, It started their developing from Laser cutting System on initially base, then after got success its added Laser Sawing System, and after success in both field, the company become in its younger age and Introduced in the market with brand name as : “HARIKIRSHNA LASER TECHNOLOGY” with its products Laser Cutting & Laser Sawing Machine. Further added to Import Laser Machine’s Genuine Spares parts from various countries and produce to across the India’s Diamond Industries, In addition started the work on Diamond Planning & Analysis, 4 Process, Fancy Shape Laser Cutting Machine, and got success in these new innovated technology, During the Company’s Business Life, Now it become the Pioneer producer of Total Technology solution to the Diamond Manufacturing Industries.

Its Result, as on Today Harikrishna Laser Technology can provide to Diamond ManufacturingIndustries wide range and variants of products to fulfill as per customer’s needs, Requirements and budget.

In last we can say for Diamond manufacturing, machines for every operation, Servicing, Maintenance, training & other required support including Genuine spares parts, are available under the one roof, it’s called : “HARIKRISHNA LASER TECHNOLOGY”

Up Coming…

We are also under process into developing laser cutting and marking system for Industrial use as like Wood , Metal , Marble , Ceramic , Rubber…Etc.


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